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Cruising and eating

Well my aim after reaching my goal was to go a bit further. I haven't achieved that mainly because I thought I could do it on my own as I now knew what foods to eat and when.

I think the trouble with that is that you are not changing your foods as much as you should.

Variety is the spice of life is an old saying and maybe that is true.

I should have stuck to a new 2 week plan but my excuse was that

I had been busy packing and organising my husband and myself for our next adventure which is a 104 day cruise around the world.

Now a cruise is hard on a diet at any time so this will really test me. I will be really happy if after the holiday I am still at my goal weight which I have been able to maintain now for some time.Highly unlikely, although I will still be quite pleased if I only gain 5 or 6lbs as that will be easy to shed when we return.

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