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Cruising and eating

Well my aim after reaching my goal was to go a bit further. I haven't achieved that mainly because I thought I could do it on my own as I now knew what foods to eat and when.

I think the trouble with that is that you are not changing your foods as much as you should.

Variety is the spice of life is an old saying and maybe that is true.

I should have stuck to a new 2 week plan but my excuse was that

I had been busy packing and organising my husband and myself for our next adventure which is a 104 day cruise around the world.

Now a cruise is hard on a diet at any time so this will really test me. I will be really happy if after the holiday I am still at my goal weight which I have been able to maintain now for some time.Highly unlikely, although I will still be quite pleased if I only gain 5 or 6lbs as that will be easy to shed when we return.

Anyone else who has tried this great way of shedding the pounds,losing the flab or are just still thinking. Have a try the only thing you have to lose is pounds of fat and the price is great as it is a once only fee and your whole family can join in.

New Year--- New Me

Sorry That I have been a bit slow in keeping up to date.Time has got away from me but although I still haven't quite reached my target of 90kg/198lb.
 I am closing in though now weighing in at 93kg/205lb.

Considering Xmas & New Year parties,camping trip and families visiting I am still very pleased that I took action with this plan and changed my eating habits,I hope for ever.

I am looking forward to the New Year to reach my goal and then maybe a bit more.

I didn't really think that I could lose this amount of weight so easily with foods that I enjoy eating. I have given up on so many other so called diets.

My hubby is also pleased as he has dropped nearly 20kg/44lb in the same time frame.

One of the extra benefits of the Strip That Fat program is that it does not cost any extra for your family to join you in your weight loss program as they can follow your plan also.
Nearly there!!! with Strip That Fat

Staying on Track

After finishing the first 14 day program I printed a new diet out but more to my husbands food preferences.
I didn't follow and substituted her and there.
 As a result of this I only lost another 2.4 lbs in that 2 weeks.

Total for 4 weeks is now 15.4lbs.

The next week I had to go on a 5 day trip, oops I thought I would mess everything up.

Although I didn't follow exactly the plan, I was careful with the food and kept up with eating 5 times per day.
Even at the party we attended I didn't over indulge and as a result over the next 2 weeks I had lost more for a total loss now of 19.8 lbs.

The weight loss has slowed down but I am still going and after 8 weeks my total is 22 lbs.

I am very proud of this and I still don't feel that I am being deprived of any food.
Just do it and keep going.

This photo is after 8 weeks, halfway to my goal.
                                                                                                                                      Foods for Fat Loss

Days 8 ---- Day 14


Well, my cheat meal was very nice, but I couldn't eat it all.
Rack of Lamb with Soy/honey and roast potatoes, pumpkin, carrot,onions and sweet potato.
Luckily No.2 son called in for a visit and finished off both mine and my husbands servings.

I have been very lucky in the first week of diet as I have had no visitors to distract me from my goal.Today I actually missed meal 3 of the day, I lost track of time.
Instead I then had 2 snacks during the afternoon to get back on track.

Phone call from No. 3 son letting me know that he would arrive this afternoon with his girlfriend to stay a couple of days.

I had my meal first, then cooked for everyone else which was fine.


Breakfast was a wrap with ( eggs, any unprocessed meat, any veggies, any cheese )
No problems with visitors, they had eggs, etc as well.

Now that large meal should keep me going all day, but if I miss the next one I will be looking for more at meal 3, so as I had to go out for an appointment this morning, I just took along my next snack in case I was held up for too long.
Home in time for Meal 3 which was Steak with sweet potatoes.
Meal 4. I had Chocolate pudding & nuts.
Luckily Meal 5 was only cottage cheese w/ nuts & berries as I felt that I had eaten way too much today.
My son prepared Dinner for everyone else.

Another visitor called in tonight, my husband had a drink with him, but this was the first night that I missed out on my daily tipple.I didn't think that I would enjoy my glass with the meal that I was having.

DAY 10

I went with the menu as planned today apart from swapping Fruit meal. Peach,Plums or Nectarines not in season, I substituted an Apple.
I will weigh myself again tomorrow morning.

DAY 11
I weighed in.My reading was 11lbs lost,but my hubby said closer to 10.I'll go with 10lbs in 10 days.I am pleased with that.
Housework Today.
Vacuumed & cleaned the bathrooms.

DAY 12
Saturday today.I am going to watch football this afternoon, so I will make sure I have had my meals before I go.
Those Hot Dogs & chips might be tempting.
Home now, my team lost but they get another chance at the finals next week.
No problems with the food at footy and I resisted my usual Rum & Coke so as I could still have wine with dinner.

DAY 13

Today is my birthday, now 61. Keeping low key,have been invited out, but staying in instead.
Nearly finished the first 14 day meal plan, it has been the easiest diet that I have ever tried.
DAY 14

These 14 days have gone by so quickly and I didn't really feel like I was on a diet at all.
I have weighed in and the total overall weight that I have lost in the 14days is 13lbs.

That loss was with hardly any extra exercise except maybe walking a bit further than usual

Foods For Fat Loss

Hi, my name is Glenore and I am nearly 61years old .
This is a diary of my progress for my weight loss plans
I have always had a problem with my weight but in the last 6 months I have let myself pile on the pounds. After a shoulder problem stopped me being as active as I would have liked to be. I had problems even hanging out the washing, I couldn't drive very far and as a result I found that the weight was piling on just sitting around.
I still have the shoulder problem,not as bad and I can move around a lot easier, so now I want to remove the weight that has built up.
I began searching for a new healthy Diet, I came upon the Strip That Fat diet plan. I decided that I would try this weight loss plan to lose some fat fast, not just water as you do with a number of other weight loss diets.


My starting weight is 110kg / 242lb/ 17st

Day 1
Printed my 14 day meal plan out last night from foods that I had chosen from the STF
food generator. Wow! there is certainly a lot of different food combinations. I hadn't been shopping yet but I found the right foods in cupboard & refrigerator to get started. Enough for the first 3 of 5 meals of the Day .
I went shopping in the afternoon with my Shopping List that the Strip That Fat Program provides and gathered the items I would need for the next few days.
Normally I have Breakfast, maybe cup of tea & biscuits around lunch time and nothing until Dinner where I usually have a large meal after a couple of wines.
The program seems to have a lot of food, I didn't know whether I would be able to eat it all.
My first day went well I managed to have all 5 meals, although a lot smaller than I am used to.( this was my choice as no quantities given for the amount of food that you eat) The flavour combinations were also very different, but I enjoyed them all and at no stage during the day did I feel hungry or looking for other snacks.
I did have one glass of red wine with final meal of day. I normally have white, which I am told has less calories,but red is better for you.
Day 2's meals are completely different from the first day and I am looking forward to trying them.
No problems today I managed to have all of the allotted meals, I would say however, that if you are working away from home you would need to do some earlier preparation to have your meals ready to take with you. 1 glass of white wine with my Dinner tonight.
I have not as yet added any extra exercises into my Daily Routine, but I had to go out for an appointment which happened to be on the 1st Floor. I couldn't find the lift so used the stairs
which normally would have me puffing, but I felt good. I feel that I may have already lost some pounds but I decided to wait until after Day 5 to get on scales.
As there is no limit mentioned that I have read on the amount of tea or coffee that you are allowed I had my normal coffee on waking ( 1 sugar ) and maybe 2-3 cups of tea during Day (no sugar ) I have always used light milk, not skim.
As all of these count for your water intake it is not so hard to have the required 8 glasses per day.
Breakfast for the last 3 mornings has been the same, which can be a bit boring , but looking ahead the next 4 are all different so that will be nice.
My husband who is also overweight, although not officially on the diet has felt some benefits too as I have not been serving him up the big meals for Dinner that we had been having.
He also has had the same breakfasts as myself.
In the 3rd Meal today I changed my chicken to fish as I had opened a can of salmon and had to use it.
I am feeling lighter, I am sure I have shed some pounds,but I won't get on scales until tomorrow at the end of Day5. Today I had to put up curtains that I had washed a few days earlier, but then I noticed that the window needed cleaning first. Instead of only 1 window I put an extra effort in and did the next 3 also. Then I went to the shops and parked the car a bit further away than usual. Every little bit of extra exercise helps.
I nearly forgot to have one of the meals today, I just wasn't hungry. I made myself have a little snack to keep on the plan.
It wasn't that I didn't like the food , because I had chosen all the foods that I like from the list, the hours in between seem to go quickly and I had been busy and not thinking about eating.
I have noticed that I been serving up smaller meals now, even though the Diet Plan from Strip That Fat does not give you any amount of quantity that you must stick to.
Well I landed on the scales this morning and my weight had dropped to 106kg/233lb
Although some of this will be water, I am very pleased with my progress so far.
I have found that this is a very easy diet to follow and you don't really feel that I am missing out. No pills to take,No shakes to make,No expensive meals to buy.
Tomorow I have a cheat meal where I can eat what ever I like for 3 hours, but I have no idea what I will have because I do not have any cravings for anything in particular.
Reading through the Diet plan again I realised that I was supposed to take measurements before I started the program as sometimes you don't lose weight on scales, but you can lose inches around your waist. Must have been a seniors moment, also I need to have a goal to keep motivated. My goal is to get down to 90kg/198lb.
Most diets I start on a Monday and give up by Thursday. I began this on a Tuesday and I am nearly through a whole week with no thoughts of giving up.
For my cheat meal tonight I decided to have Rack of Lamb w/soy sauce & honey with roast veggies. Hope I can eat it all.


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