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New Year--- New Me

Sorry That I have been a bit slow in keeping up to date.Time has got away from me but although I still haven't quite reached my target of 90kg/198lb.
 I am closing in though now weighing in at 93kg/205lb.

Considering Xmas & New Year parties,camping trip and families visiting I am still very pleased that I took action with this plan and changed my eating habits,I hope for ever.

I am looking forward to the New Year to reach my goal and then maybe a bit more.

I didn't really think that I could lose this amount of weight so easily with foods that I enjoy eating. I have given up on so many other so called diets.

My hubby is also pleased as he has dropped nearly 20kg/44lb in the same time frame.

One of the extra benefits of the Strip That Fat program is that it does not cost any extra for your family to join you in your weight loss program as they can follow your plan also.
Nearly there!!! with Strip That Fat

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