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Staying on Track

After finishing the first 14 day program I printed a new diet out but more to my husbands food preferences.
I didn't follow and substituted her and there.
 As a result of this I only lost another 2.4 lbs in that 2 weeks.

Total for 4 weeks is now 15.4lbs.

The next week I had to go on a 5 day trip, oops I thought I would mess everything up.

Although I didn't follow exactly the plan, I was careful with the food and kept up with eating 5 times per day.
Even at the party we attended I didn't over indulge and as a result over the next 2 weeks I had lost more for a total loss now of 19.8 lbs.

The weight loss has slowed down but I am still going and after 8 weeks my total is 22 lbs.

I am very proud of this and I still don't feel that I am being deprived of any food.
Just do it and keep going.

This photo is after 8 weeks, halfway to my goal.
                                                                                                                                      Foods for Fat Loss

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